• Cowvathi

Cheesy Mushroom Pasta

Who doesn't love a good cheesy pasta?! Top it with mushrooms and you'll be in food coma!

Recipe as follows -


• 10-11 garlic pods

• 1 big onion

• spaghetti

• mushrooms chopped

• pasta spice

• any dried herbs

• 1-2 cups plant based milk

• Cowvathi's Mozzarella cheese

• 1 tsp corn starch

• nutritional yeast (can skip if you don't have)

• salt to taste


• saute garlic/onions and mushrooms in the olive oil until mushy

• add in the milk, we used soy + cashew to balance out of taste

• add cowvathi mozzarella cheese and let it melt into the pasta

• add in whatever spices/salt you want, including dried herbs

• add corn starch/flour and let the sauce thicken (will take 3-4 mins)

• add the boiled spaghetti to this and gently fold it into the sauce (you can switch off the heat at this time)

• done!!

Feel free to add in more veggies into this, I didn't have the right ones for this, so I stuck to mushrooms. We all like extra garlic in our food, please adjust accordingly. Any plant-based milk will work for this recipe, don't worry. If you've used adequate salt while making the spaghetti, you can skip the salt in the sauce and add only if necessary. Tread carefully to avoid a salt fest. Ensure the spaghetti isn't overcooked. Absolutely loved making this and loved eating it even more! Try it, sometime?



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